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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Saga of An Antiques Addict

Chapter 1

So, why did I start this blog, you ask? I guess it's because I love jewelry and have a lot to say on the subject. I'm not talented enough to design, or skilled enough to create, but at least I can talk about it with people who share the same passion. Jewelry is not just a business for me. I never buy a piece I don't really like. And I'm never sad if something doesn't "sell." One more piece for me to keep for myself.

Jewelry is a continuous learning experience. And what more fun than researching beautiful things? I never excelled in history as a subject in school, but through jewelry, I've learned about different eras ... the fashions of the time, the cultural mores, and even the influences of the various empires on jewelry styles (Mr. Cutler, my high school history teacher, who said I'd never know my Hapsburgs from my Ottomans, would be proud of me today.)

I haven't been in antiques very long. Started out only about 15 years ago. As I recall, I was writing a brochure for a client of mine from the Diamond Exchange, and he asked if I thought that diamonds could be set into a piece of "bakelite" jewelry. Never having heard of bakelite before, and having no reference books to consult (I have a vast library now), I got busy searching the internet (not so easy in the pre-google era), and eventually stumbled onto a site called "ebay." I was mesmerized ... and hooked.

Up until that point, I had never owned an antique anything in my life. Nothing.

Stay tuned for Chapter 2 in the continuing saga of "An Antiques Addict"

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artsfarm said...

Great blog, Erica--I'm really enjoying it! I totally agree about history and antiques. I learned 1000% more about history through learning about vintage and antique pottery, glass, clothing, furniture etc than I ever could in school. Not just 'facts and dates' history, but all things social, cultural and many times, political too.