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Friday, January 29, 2010

How to Avoid Making Enemies at Auction

The other night, I attended a local auction. I took along a friend who had never been to one before. When I told her I wanted to get there really early in order to get a front row seat, she asked "What's so important about sitting up front?"

Well, it's like this: we all know that all's fair in love and war ... but an auction isn't a battlefield, and it's always unpleasant when your friends and colleagues become your adversaries while you're bidding against them (not to mention the latent bitterness after the auction).

My way of avoiding this unpleasant confrontation is by sitting in the front row. This way, I can't see who I'm bidding against, or who's bidding against me "behind my back," and I don't feel so bad. Let the people behind me feel guilty for bidding against ME. My conscience is clear.