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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Few More Live Auction Buying Tips

Isn't this a great little lot? Just bought it at a local auction.

Here are some timely auction buying tips I'd like to share with you: If you buy small objects that may have tiny hallmarks, always attend the auction viewing with a loupe (and a pocket diamond tester if you're buying jewelry). For paintings, and ceramics, it's a good idea to take an ultra-violet light flashlight, so you can check for over-painting or cracks. If you can take photos of the objects, use your camera, so you can research the items at home after the viewing. And, above all, don't be shy. Ask the auctioneer if there is any hidden damage, restoration, or anything else he may know about the piece.

Don't leave prior bids unless you are sure that you are working with an honest establishment, or your bids will almost surely reach their maximum level. It's always better to attend the auction, so you control your bidding, or, if possible, have the auction house phone you during the auction and bid live over the phone.

If, after the auction, you discover that you've bought something that wasn't described correctly - you can demand your money back. Or just don't take the item when you pick up your other winnings.

Tune in tomorrow for a few live auction SELLING tips (or "things I've learned the hard way")

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